Entero Fountain

This is one of the exotic estates of entero homes. It is an estate that provide a combination of the soothing experience of a calm residence and the glitz of urban life. This estate seeks to provide for residents’ serenity and security away from the hustle and bustle of the town.

Entero fountain estate has a minimum standard plot size of 465sqm, having it's approval from the Greater Port Harcourt Authority (GPH), with striking features such as Perimeter Fence, Individual Fence, Drainage, Security Post/Gate house, CCTV surveillance Camera, Electricity, Tarred Road Network, Club House/Lounge, Swimming Pool and a Relaxation/Fruit Garden with Water Fountain for comfort and relaxation.

Entero fountain estate is an estate like no other as it eliminates the hassles of property acquisition like; Bush entry, hidden charges, community levies and agent fee.


No Hidden Charges No Agent Fee No Bush Entry Free Survey Free Deed of Conveyance


1 #5,000,000 OUTRIGHT
2 #5,000,000 3 - 6 MONTHS
3 #7,500,000 12 MONTHS

Road network and layout Well designed layout Parameter Fencing Individual Fencing Gate house Tarred Road Drainage Security(CCTV MONITOR) Electricity Lawn Tennis court Basketball court Volley ball court Garden Lounge